Sea like in classix.

Cannot take my eyes of this picture. This paysage marin is a minimalistic masterpiece presented in classic racing game "Need For Speed 5. Porsche Unleashed". Just see on it: a steppy gradient on a sky, semi transparent flat water & pseudo reflecting objects. That's all, but ... wow ... how's great! I've decided to try… Continue reading Sea like in classix.


First Building LOD grew up.

First Building LOD grew up. Actually that's not LOD at all but a temporary replacement of the real building. It's building silhouette. Soon We will fill all the location by these silhouettes inserted by link principle. Game will work with them and nothing will bother us to replace the LODs with full detail models one… Continue reading First Building LOD grew up.

Video of Alpha 0.06 Gameplay

We've just published a video displaying gameplay process in coming "Societe Turbo Alpha 0.06". So what's new: 1) Awaiting for 1 new car. 2) "Hit Hotlap" Gameplay added with corresponding screens "mission complete" 3) Game finalization added - "Last Mission" 4) Awaiting for Game Music. We think this is enough for this "New Year" alpha.… Continue reading Video of Alpha 0.06 Gameplay