#bugfixing & todo…

Well we have the first set of bug reports. I’ve decided to serialize ’em with numbers & letters: TD means ‘to do’ & BF means ‘bugfix’. So I post the list of known bugs. If yo have tested a game, please send us your mention and issues report.

“After press <<start race>> could be some sort of build up sound ‘coz it’s 10 sec before music starts & mission begins”.
BF#002. “U could do some sort of random music coz its starts always from one song and goes in order so it could be quite annoying after a while”.
TD#003: “I think map of the track will have great look on the corner.”
TD#004: “Some sort of reset button ‘coz when I crashed I couldn’t come back on track”.
TD#005: “Reverse could be useful, I have crashed into post and couldn’t come back”.
BF#006: “Something strange happened to music – it plays all songs at once.”

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